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STM Team Australia's modern facilities allow for specialty design and fast response times

Supporting your Motors and Gearboxes requirements

STM Team Australia is a specialist in power transmission, electrical motor, industrial gear reducer and gearmotors. With both local assembly and a heavy service centre in Perth, allowing for specialised design and fast response times. They carry a full range of STM products in Australia, from products for Quarry, Mining, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Heavy Engineering and Recycling applications.

1976 represents the starting point of a small company, S.T.M., that is today an important reference point in the mechanical transmission field. The entrepreneurial capabilities, the expertise and firm commitment of the promoting partners Tiziano Girotti, Altero Vignoli and Giuseppe Lucchini have directed S.T.M. to now be recognised in national and international markets.

S.T.M. uses the most modern design and production systems such as, work centre, gear-cutting machines, and sophisticated grinding lines. S.T.M offer a wide range of gear motors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes to satisfy the most demanding markets in the world.

Always looking for new innovative solutions designs S.T.M. provides safety, capability and world class designs.