Supporting our Customers

With IBS Engineering Services,  our customers benefit from large range of services, tailored solutions, delivered at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

No job is too big or small

Our experienced & skilled team work on jobs such as bore and keying to Welding Manufacture to design and manufacturing – and everything in between.

Engineering Services 24/7

Unlike other Industrial Suppliers, IBS offers a full customer service model. Customers can access and benefit from our Engineering Services 24/7 – with afterhours fees.

Industries we support

Tool and Machine Parts


Tradesman Tools and Service

Building & Construction

Custom engineering

Food & Beverages

Conveyor belt technology


Designing and building


Packaging machinery


Custom Orders


Engineer and Tradesman




Aviation & Airport


Railway & Railway Networks


Recycling & Waste Plants

Recycling & Waste Plants



Specialist Engineering Services we provide

engineering services bore and key

Bore & Key

We can bore and key to a wide range of sprockets, couplings, pulleys to suit your applications.

engineering services shaft repairs

Shaft Repair

Our team have extensive experience in shaft repair and subassembly rebuild. We ensure quality is delivered and in a timely manner – so our customers machines are back up operating.

As a part of service, we shaft inspect, recondition, grinding, honing, plating and resurfacing.

engineering services general machining

General Machining

Our skilled staff can carry out any general machining from lathe turning, surface grinding, milling, machined threads to solid pipe or bar, tapping / drilling / folding of metal parts, as well as simple pressed tools.

engineering services precision milling & machining

Precision Milling & Machining

Our experienced team, work with a wide range of materials & produce parts accurately and with precision but equally that are durable and reliable.  We are leaders in precision milling and machining and support a diverse range of industries.

manufacturing and fabrication

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Our skilled Fabrication engineers can cut, shape, mould, join and finish to construct, maintain and repair metal structures and products. They also carry out more intricate work: like producing moulds or patterns for metal castings and work across a variety of materials.

engineering services welding

Welding Services

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium

Our experts support a range of industries and applications such as mining & manufacturing to welding small components to larger items like.

Our services also includes repair welding and metal straightening which most times is the more cost effective solution. No job is too small or large, at IBS we support all types of jobs.

engineering services onsite installation modifications

Onsite Installation & Modifications

Our skilled team offers on-site support to customers saving them time and money.

engineering services CNC machining

CNC Machining

IBS Engineering Services offers solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Our experienced & skilled staff provide high quality results with cost-effective & competitive parts.

engineering services wire cutting

Wire Cutting Services

At IBS Engineering, we are proud of our accuracy and attention to detail. We can cut ferrous and nonferrous materials, couplings, impellors, complex and intricate shapes, internal keyways into hubs & more complex cutting.

engineering services waterjet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Our advanced Waterjet machines can cut most materials with the detail and accuracy each and every time.

Our experienced team can accommodate any request from small jobs to custom specific projects.

engineering services laser cutting

Laser Cutting

At IBS Engineering, our equipment has the capability to process materials across a range of thicknesses and in a swift time frame. Materials include stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminium, and brass.

ibs engineering services CAD drawings

CAD Drawings

We are leaders in engineering CAD services offering high-quality CAD design and drawings to a large and diverse range of industries.

Supporting our customers is at the core of what we do