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Chemtools make products for general Automotive, Brake and Engine care

Supporting businesses with their Cleaning Products, Industrial Chemicals, Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment, Personal Hygiene, Repair Products, Thread Lockers Adhesives & Sealants requirements

Chemtools is a leading Australian manufacturer with branch offices and warehouses in New Zealand and Singapore.

We supply solder products and our product range include adhesives, welding chemicals, aerosol, and bulk lubricants, cleaning chemicals, including welding, plumbing, automotive supplies.

View IBS catalogues for latest Chemtools products for general automotive, brake and engine care, masking, anti-spatters, washing & parts cleaning as well as concrete & formwork.

Our R&D team are continually testing the boundaries to ensure the latest and up to date product lines to make your manufacturing and rework tasks simple. We invest heavily into research and development.

All products manufactured by Chemtools are put through strict quality control procedures.