food conveyor processing motor

A broken motor: Production halts at a southern Sydney Food manufacturer

We value our customers and always try to go above and beyond for them. In particular, helping customers in especially tricky situations, allows the ibs team, to make a real difference. This recent customer’s experience shows how dedication, commitment and experience can create a positive outcome – especially when things are stacked against you.

In business, unexpected challenges can pop up and you have to think fast. One of our customers of 2 years, in the Food and Beverage industry had a big problem when a motor broke down suddenly and it stopped their whole production process. At first, it seemed like an impossible situation, as nobody in Sydney had the specialised motor they needed. But, as excellence and quality customer service is at the core of what we do, we did not give up.

How the ibs team supplied the specialised motor!

So, we did some research, made some calls and found out the required motor was available from Melbourne. Our next steps? Without wasting any time, we booked a flight and went to Melbourne to get the motor ourselves. We arranged for a taxi to bring the motor straight to us at the airport. Our Territory Account Manager, less than hour later in Melbourne, hopped back on the plane to Sydney. Once back, she immediately delivered the over 7kg Motor to our customer in southern Sydney, so that Production could resume and get back on track.

Customer's Cost savings for our Service

  • Our customer was losing approximately $5k per hour in down time
  • Production was down for approximately 20 hours
  • Our customer service saved them approx. $140k* (as part was delivered that same day)
  • * Freight could have been 48 hours otherwise

Despite all the challenges, we were determined to find a solution and not let our customer down. Using our experience and networks, we were able to support them in this dire situation. This scenario highlights how important it is to be resourceful and think creatively in business. When things go wrong, you have to think outside the box and try every option.

Plus, it’s a great reminder that building connections and relationships in the industry can be really valuable. By using our networks, experience and modelling our core values, we were able to get the motor and deliver it to our customer in record time.

food conveyor processing motor
food conveyor processing motor