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At IBS, we specialise in Power Transmissions that are commonly used in mechanical systems with moving parts.

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Power Transmission is made up of various groups and includes products like:

chains sprockets supplies sydney

Chains & Sprockets

motor brake clutches supplies

Motor Brakes & Clutches

motor brake clutches

Motors & Gearboxes

belts pulleys supplies sydney

Belts & Pulleys

couplings supplies sydney


shaft locking device industrial

Shaft Locking Devices

Power Transmission Supplies

Power transmission refers to the process of transferring mechanical energy from one location to another. In various industries and applications, power transmission systems play a crucial role in transmitting power efficiently and effectively. These systems are responsible for driving machinery, equipment, and vehicles, ensuring that power is delivered to the desired destination.

From simple belt drives and gears to more advanced mechanisms like hydraulic and pneumatic systems, power transmission is essential for the smooth operation and functionality of numerous devices. Without reliable power transmission, industries and everyday activities would be severely impacted, making it a vital aspect of modern engineering and technology.

As Sydney’s premier Power Transmission and Industrial Supplier, we have strong relationships with quality brands and products considered at the forefront of respective fields. These major brands are world-leading power transmission suppliers, such as:

Chains & Sprockets

At IBS, we are Sydney’s leading distributor of power transmission products. These products include chains and sprockets, and our stock range is from world-leading suppliers such as Movex and SY Chain.

Other suppliers in range include IWIS, Tsubaki, Renold and more.

Our extensive chain range supports different industries and purposes. Our selection includes BS & ANSI roller chains, Stainless steel roller chains, Steel conveyor chains, Plastic conveyor chains, Attachment chains, Custom attachment chains and Industry specific chains. We also provide chain accessories and much more.

Our sprockets selection includes: Metal & plastic sprockets, Idler sprockets, Split sprockets and more.

Power transmission Products: Chains and Sprockets

Simply, a chain is composed of pins, rollers, bushings, and connecting links.

A chain is a component that transmits power through tensile force. Chains can be classified in various ways: like a chain as a continuous, flexible rack that engages with gears. Or it can be described as chain as a mechanical belt that runs over wheels and is used for power transmission.

Sprockets are toothed wheels or gears that engage with and transmit motion or power to other mechanical components in a machinery or vehicle. They are typically designed with evenly spaced teeth or cogs that interlock with corresponding parts, allowing for efficient and reliable transfer of rotational force. Sprockets are commonly used in various applications, including bicycles, motorcycles, industrial machinery, and conveyor systems.

Motor Brakes & Clutches

At IBS, we are Sydney’s premier distributor of motor brakes and clutches. With our extensive range, sourced from the best world-suppliers, such as Altra Motion, Lehane Centrifugal Clutches, Warner Electric, Mickey Pulley, Naismith & Tsubaki.

Our Motor Brakes & Clutches range includes electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutches, brake & clutch units, disc cone clutches, caliper disc brakes, expanding shafts, expansion chucks, torque limiters, sprag clutches, clutching bearings and more. Our motor brakes and clutches range supports many industries like manufacturing, construction, automotive, mining to name a few.

motor brake clutches supplies

Power transmission Products: Motor Brakes & Clutches

Motor brakes and clutches are mechanical devices used in various motor-driven systems to control the movement and speed of rotating components. These devices work by engaging or disengaging the connection between the motor and the load, allowing for precise control and stopping power.

Motor brakes are used to bring the rotating components to a stop, while clutches enable the engagement or disengagement of the load with the motor. These mechanisms enhance the safety, efficiency, and control of motor-driven systems in a wide range of applications, such as industrial machinery, vehicles, and equipment.

Motor brakes main purpose is stopping or holding the motor and its load. They are typically designed to handle heavy loads and high speeds, providing controlled deceleration or emergency braking to ensure safety and prevent damage. Brakes can be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic, and are used in industries such as manufacturing, mining, automotive, and construction. industrial, mining and food and beverage applications.

A clutch is a mechanical device that transfers power from one shaft to another. It can engage or disengage the transmission as needed. Clutches are commonly used to connect and disconnect rotating shafts. These devices have two shafts: one is connected to an engine or power unit (the driving member) while the other, provides output power for work (the driven member).

Motor & Gearboxes

At IBS, we offer Sydney’s leading range of motors and gearboxes from world-leading suppliers such as: Bonfiglioli, SEW and Teco.

Other suppliers in range include WEG, Brevini, Sumitomo, Baldor, CMG, STM, Techtop, Transfluid, Varvel.

We offer a variety of motor and gearboxes such as: AC & DC motors, Adjustable drives, Adjusting hubs, Cable cylinders, Frequency inverters, Gear drives, Helical gear motors, Induction motors, Linear slides & actuators, Offset shaft couplings, Overload safety couplings, Planetary drives, Right angle gear boxes, Rotary fluid couplings, Servomotors, Single & 3 phase motors, Speed variators, Stainless steel motors, Timing hubs & devices, Worm gear motors and more.

Power Transmission Products: Motors & Gearboxes

Motors & Gearboxes are mechanical devices used to convert and transmit power or motion from a power source, such as an engine or electric motor, to a desired output. Motors produce rotational motion, while gearboxes enhance this motion by changing the speed, torque, direction, or type of motion.

These components are commonly found in various machines and equipment, including vehicles, industrial machinery, and appliances.

Belts & Pulleys

At IBS, as Sydney’s premier and leading distributor of belts and pulleys. Our vast range is sourced from top suppliers like: PIX, Optibelt, Australian Pulley Co, Dondye, Megadyne, Naismith and Nutlink.

Our mechanical belts & pulleys range supports many different sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

The belts and pulleys we offer include, conveyor, custom design, emergency tab V, flat, polyrib belts and pulleys, round profile, timing belts & pulleys, timing bar & plates, V belts & pulleys, vari speed belts and many others.

belts pulleys supplies sydney

Power transmission Products: Belts & Pulleys

A belt is a flexible loop used to connect rotating shafts. It is commonly used to transmit power or track movement. Belts are placed over pulleys and can have twists between them. The shafts they connect do not have to be parallel.

A two pulley system can operate in two ways. The belt can drive the pulleys in the same direction if the shafts are parallel. Alternatively, the belt can be crossed to reverse the direction of the driven shaft, opposite to the driver if the shafts are parallel.

A conveyor belt is used to carry a load continuously between two points. It is an application that provides motion. The belt drive can change the speed of rotation by using different sized pulleys. It can go either up or down.

Pulleys are simple machines that consist of a grooved wheel with a rope or chain running through it. They are used to transmit force, change the direction of force, or increase or decrease the magnitude of force. Pulleys are commonly used in various mechanical systems, such as lifting heavy objects or moving objects with minimal effort.


We are Sydney’s top and leading distributor of couplings. As we partner with leading brands and our extensive selection of couplings include: Centa, Hardy Spicer, Lovejoy, Miki Pulley, Naismith, Ruland and Zero-Max.

Our coupling range include but is not limited to Jaw couplings, Spacer assemblies, Gear couplings, Grid couplings, Cone ring couplings, Tyre couplings, Mini precision couplings, Rigid couplings, Universal joints, Zero backlash couplings, Fluid Couplings and more.

couplings supplies sydney

Power Transmission Products: Couplings

A coupling is a mechanical device that connects two shafts together at their ends in order to transfer power. The main function of couplings is to connect two rotating pieces of equipment, allowing for some misalignment or movement at the ends or both. Also, a coupling, in a broader sense, can also refer to a mechanical device designed to connect adjacent parts or objects.

Coupling can occur in various fields such as mechanics, electronics, and software engineering.

Normally, couplings do not allow shafts to be disconnected while in operation. However, there are torque limiting couplings that can slip or disconnect when the torque limit is surpassed. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of couplings can result in decreased maintenance time and cost.

Shaft Locking Devices

We are Sydney’s main and leading distributor of Shaft Locking Devices. Our extensive range covers products from world-leading brands such as Finer Power Transmission, Naismith, and Zero Max.

The Shaft Locking Devices we offer include: taper lock bushes, QD bushes, weld on hubs, hydraulic locking bushes, cap screw locking bushes, solid & split shaft collars, stainless steel shaft collars, cone ring locking rings, key steel & woodruff keys, custom sleeves & spacers and others.

shaft locking device industrial

Power transmission Products: Shaft Locking Devices

Shaft Locking Devices are mechanical components used to secure and immobilize rotating shafts within machinery. These devices are designed to prevent axial movement or rotation of the shaft, providing stability and preventing damage or malfunction of the machinery. They are often used in various industrial applications, such as automotive, manufacturing, and power generation.

Also, Taper Lock Bushes are mechanical components used to secure rotating elements such as pulleys, sprockets, or gears onto shafts. They feature a tapered design that allows for a tight and secure fit, enabling easy installation and removal. These bushes are commonly used in various industrial applications to provide a reliable and efficient method of connecting rotating components to shafts.