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Bolt Technical Specifications

Addresses the following:

  • Bolt head markings: Used to provide information or identification about bolts, like head marking, strength and material, bolt type and standard
  • Spanner / Socket Size: The spanner is used to adjust or tighten nuts and bolts, while the socket size refers to the measurement needed for the socket to fit the corresponding nut or bolt
  • Thread Terminology: overview of commonly used terms related to thread.
  • Pitch and Thread details: available in metric and imperial units
  • Torque and Tension: depiction outling this plus force and clamping force
  • Breaking Strength Comparison
  • Washer Gauge Converter: 8 to 30 gauge & 3.99mm to 0.31mm
  • Types and range of bolts: from hex and socket head to plow-bolt, sems hex, purlin and more
hobson bolts supplier sydney
hobson screws supplier sydney

Screw Technical Specifications

Addresses the following:

  • Screw Point Type: from metal point, S500 point (deep driller) for thick metal, to jmaX™ point for metal plate to timber & vmaX™ point for metal and timber, needle point, and more
  • Screw Head Type: from hex flange head, to countesunks and self embed head plus flat head and washer heads and more
  • Screw Drive Type: a range available like hex internal, tork, phillips, slotted, eye & more
  • Analysis of a Screw and terminology
  • Screw Embedment (Timber and Metal) – maximises the ability of the screw to achieve the required pull out loads
  • Screw Gauge & Length: 0 to 18 gauge & 1.5mm to 7.7mm
  • Application: vmaX and jmaX
  • Protection: e-coat and tykote
  • Feature: 4 available – all-in-1 to Scratchguard
  • Drive Bits: impaX drive bits are designed specifically for fastening roof sheeting to thin metal battens, timber trusses, and steel purlins that have a thickness up to 1.9mm
    jmaX screws are designed for self-drilling and securely fixing metal plates to timber without causing any splitting
  • Decking: TDX and Deck Master

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